• The Wall is that place at the end of your energy. It is something that you never want to crash in to. Here are some ways to avoid the crash! #ChronicIllness #Energy

    What Does Your Wall Look Like?

    What is a wall? It is that ugly thing at the end of your energy. You do not have to have a chronic illness to have one because no one has endless amounts of energy. Sometimes getting ready for the day (showering, brushing hair and teeth, getting dressed, etc.) slams me right into it. Then there are days that I actually have enough energy left to get out of the house. And yes, some days I wake up and I am mere inches from that wall.

  • When you have Chronic Pain, some days are just hard to get through. These are some things that I just to make my worst pain days a little better. #ProductReviews #ChronicPain #Migraine #PainRelief

    Products I Use on my Worst Pain Days

    My life with Chronic Migraine comes with many ups and downs. I have a Migraine attack almost everyday and this brings with it the need for comfort. Whether it be my favorite blanket or something soothing to listen to, there are several products that make my worst pain days seem bearable. This isn’t the kind of information I want to keep to myself. I want to share these and I hope that you find these things as useful as I have. I also hope that you also find some relief on your worst pain days.

  • The struggles of Chronic Illness can affect your mental health in a negative way. It is important to recognize the symptoms of depression and seek help when you need to. #MentalHealth #ChronicIllness #Depression #Anxiety

    Mental Health and Chronic Illness

    Fighting a Chronic Illness is hard work! It doesn’t matter if your battle is against Lupus, MS, ME/CFS, Chronic Migraine, fibromyalgia…the list could go on and on. The honest truth is that the battles are real, the battles are life-altering and the battles are not easy and can have long term effects on your mental health.

  • When you have a Chronic Illness, it is best to make simple goals rather than elaborate ones. Here are my simple goals for February using the prompts from A Chronic Voice. #Goals #ChronicIllness #February

    Making Simple Goals When You Have Chronic Illness

    When you have a Chronic Illness, life can sometimes be messy and complicated. It is hard to make plans and it is even harder to set goals. It is important to make simple goals that are more short term rather than long term goals that are more elaborate. The writing prompts from A Chronic Voice always seem to fit in perfect with my focus each month. So, I have been using them as a way to make simple goals each month. It has worked perfectly because they give me a starting point each month.

  • My main goal when I started the blog was to be a part of the solution by putting valuable information about chronic illness out there. As I review the year, I think that I met this goal. This will continue to be a part of the mission of The Frozen Mind.

    2018 – A Year in Review

    This is my last blog post for 2018! This year has been an amazing year and I want to thank all of my readers. With this post, I want to review my first year of blogging. This blog will be 1 year old in January and that is so hard to believe. So, let’s review some of my blog stats and then I will list five of my most popular posts. A Year in Review Total Views: 49,860 Total Blog Posts: 213 When doing a review of the year, these numbers blew me away. I never could have imagined on the day that I wrote that first post that I…

  • Using the energy you do have in strategic ways will allow you to get more accomplished. #ChronicIllness #Exhaustion

    Getting the Most of the Energy You Have

    Most people can relate to there being too many days left at the end of a paycheck. When you are in that situation, you have to pinch every penny to make it to the next payday. It is very similar when you have a chronic illness and you have too many hours left after the end of the energy.  Planning is the most important part of making the most out of the energy that you have. Nothing is worse than running out of energy. When I hit my wall, it is not pretty and always includes a physical collapse and hours of recovery.  Getting the Most Out of the Energy…

  • Unless you live with Chronic Illness, it is hard to understand what it is like. - #ChronicIllness #Health

    5 Things Healthy People Don’t Understand about Chronic Illness

    I remember being healthy and I remember being active in life. I enjoyed singing on the praise team, running my own virtual assistant business and nights out with my husband. My life was full, happy and I felt like I was finally happy in life. I can say now that I took my ability to be active completely for granted. Now, as I sit here getting ready to pack for a weekend trip, I realize what healthy people don’t understand about Chronic Illness. 5 Things Healthy People Don’t Understand How do I know what healthy people don’t understand? Because I was once one of them. I can’t do anything spontaneously…

  • Using these Holiday Self Care tips, you will have a happier holiday season with less stress. #AChronicVoice #Holidays #SelfCare

    5 Tips for Holiday Self Care

    It is hard to believe that it is already time for the December Link Up from A Chronic Voice. This year has gone by so fast and I am quickly approaching the one year anniversary of The Frozen Mind. For this link up, I want to talk about the Struggle of the Holidays. The holiday season is so busy and the to do list seems to get longer by the day. This month’s prompts are perfect for talking about Holiday Self Care. First, let me tell you a little about the Link Up. Each month, there are 5 word prompts given and you have to use at least 3 of them in…

  • Why Shopping is not easy with a wheelchair - Displays, rude customers and other issues in stores make it very difficult to manuever. #Accessibility #Wheelchair #Disability #Christmas

    Why Holiday Shopping is not Easy with a Wheelchair

    I was able to go do some Christmas Shopping on Black Friday. It was wonderful to get out and to be around the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping. What made this excursion even better was that my sister and her family was down for a visit. What made this shopping trip difficult was that I decided to use my wheelchair so I would be able to have energy to enjoy it. I wrote before in Why I Hesitate to Use My Mobility Devices, about how I struggle with using my wheelchair. This outing was a reminder of why shopping is not easy with a wheelchair. Why Shopping is not Easy…

  • Lights, music, smells and large gatherings all create opportunities for Sensory Overload. Here are 6 ways to avoid sensory overload during the holidays. #Christmas #Holidays #ChronicIllness

    6 Ways to Avoid Sensory Overload During the Holidays

    Many types of Chronic Illnesses are affected by sensory overload. It can make symptoms worse and make treatments inadequate. But what is Sensory Overload? It occurs when one or more of the body’s senses experiences over-stimulation from the environment around them. Too much noise in itself may not be enough to tip the scales but if bright lights are also there the brain can be impacted. For me, too many sensory factors at one time can trigger significantly worse than normal Hemiplegic Migraines. A public place with fluorescent lighting, loud noise and strong smells is a definite recipe for a severe Hemiplegic Migraine. Unfortunately, the holiday season is full of crowded rooms, music, smells and…