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Book Review: Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate

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In an effort to try and mix things up a little, I have decided to post a book review as my first post of every month.

I am an avid listener of books. My Hemiplegic Migraines sometimes makes reading a chore and, on my bad days, it is nice to let the soothing voice of a narrator whisk you away. Because of this, i will be including my review of the narrator as well.

Before We Were Yours

By: Lisa Wingate

Narrated by: Emily Rankin & Catherine Taber

Length: 14 hours and 28 minutes

This book is totally different than most of the books that I read. That is why it sat in my wish list since the audiobook was released in June 2017. Well, that was a mistake because this book captured me from the first word!

Not to take away anything from the author, because the writing is superb, these narrators took this book into another hemisphere. Emily Rankin and Catherine Tabor are two of my favorite book narrators and could probably read a phone book and have me hanging on their every word!

Book review, audiobook This book is based off of true events about the Tennessee Children’s) Home Society. The horrible conditions and the way these kids were treated did make this book a hard read at times but it wasn’t so graphic that I couldn’t listen. I found that I wanted to beat up a few of the characters, I cheered on others and even cried with a few. This book took me through the gamut of my emotions.

I guess what drew me in even more was that the events at the Tennessee Children’s Home Society have been heavily documented. Georgia Tann, the director in real life is in this book as well as some of her support staff. The children portrayed in the story are fictional. BUT the story told is historically accurate.

I highly recommend this book. It points out the importance of family, perseverance, stubbornness, sense of self and, most importantly, strength during adversity.

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