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Book Review: Coming Home by Rosamund Pilcher

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Because of my migraines, I find that I am often not able to read books. I have learned to thoroughly enjoy Audiobooks from Audible. I can play them at a comfortable volume and it helps distract me through my pain. So, I have decided to include an occasional, short book review on my blog to share my love of audio books.)

Coming Home by Rosamund Pilcher

Narrated by: Helen Johns

Length: 40 hours and 36 minutes

First thing about this book is that it drew me in before the first chapter was over! The narrator is AMAZING and her accent is divine!

This an endearing story set in the backdrop of Pre-World War II Britain and carries the reader through the Post War years. The story starts by introducing the reader to Judith, her mother, Molly and her sister, Jess. Judith is being sent to boarding school while her mother and sister are meeting Judith’s father overseas. After a tragic loss of her guardian, Judith is introduced to the Carey-Lewis family and her life is forever changed.

Book Review, AudiobookThis is a story of innocence, love, loss, perseverance and true courage. Although there is romance in this book, it is not the most important element of this story. I found myself cheering the characters on through their hard times, arguing with them during their stupid mistakes and hating a few during their lowest moments.



I will listen to this book again and again and I will listen to more books by Rosamund Pilcher.

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