I am figuring out how to be more active while completing my first blog series and all while apparently chatting my husbands ears off! Sounds like a pretty productive month to me. #linkup #achronicvoice #chronicillness #blogseries
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Completing a Blog Series – Link Up Party with A Chronic Voice

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I have been reading posts from the monthly Link Up Parties at A Chronic Voice for a few months. After finishing a blog series, I was having trouble thinking of a good topic.  Since this link has a writing prompt, I have decided to give it a try.

This month the writing prompts are:

  1. Figuring
  2. Completing
  3. Boring
  4. Cuddling
  5. Chatting

i am supposed to pick at least 3 of these topics to write about to be eligible for the link up. I am not going to write about number 4 because I have not clue what I would write about.

So here goes, my first effort at participating in a Link Up…


Lately, my husband and I have been figuring out how to give me more opportunities to get out of the house.  Since I can’t drive, my freedom is limited to times when he is not working. This has really become a problem because my best time for activity is in the morning.

We are hoping that getting more time out of the house will increase my energy levels. So far, we are managing to get out on Saturday mornings and on Sundays. I have really enjoyed these times out with my husband. It is nice to do normal things even if I can only handle a few hours out at a time.


Last week, I completed a four part blog series that documented my mental health journey. In completing this, I was able finally find some purpose for those struggles. I had waited almost 20 years to tell this story and had started it many times.

Being vulnerable and open in such a public way is definitely one of the hardest things I have ever done. I have also found that it has been the most rewarding as well. I have received comments, both public and private, that have edified me in a way that I never anticipated. The support and encouragement has been overwhelming.

I had also never written a blog series before but I knew that this story was way too much to be told in one post.

Completing How my Mind Became my Enemy is definitely something I am proud of.


Being home most of the time can be boring. Actually, being bored was how the idea of this blog started. I was looking for something productive to fill my time that could also meet a desire to be creative.

Quilting used to be my go to hobby but as my energy levels have decreased, this has become difficult for me to accomplish. I needed something creative that would fit my physical needs as well.

I watch a lot of YouTube videos and I seriously considered vlogging but decided that my illness would make being consistent a challenge. So, I decided that a blog would be my best option and soon thereafter, this blog was born!

This blog has given me so much more than something to fill my time. I have met people from around the world that have become friends. Being part of the Blogging community has added to my life.


When I told my husband that one of the topics was chatting, he just laughed and said that I am an expert.  Well, it is hard to get mad at him when he is telling the honest truth. I have always been a talker and I come from a family of talkers.

Funny thing is that after a Hemiplegic Migraine episode, I get very talkative. Since I get severe aphasia during the episodes and I am unable to put words together, I have moments where talking isn’t possible. As soon as that clears up, I am off to the races! I will talk a mile a minute and will jump through so many topics that I am sure that no one around me can keep up.

So, as my husband says, I am an expert at chatting.

So, there you have the scoop about where things stand right now. I am figuring out how to be more active while completing my first blog series and all while apparently chatting my husbands ears off! Sounds like a pretty productive month to me.

Writing this for the link up was fun and I will definitely start participating every month.

I am figuring out how to be more active while completing my first blog series and all while apparently chatting my husbands ears off! Sounds like a pretty productive month to me. #linkup #achronicvoice #chronicillness #blogseries

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  • Laura Spoonie

    A great read!! I’m really glad you were able to put yourself into this blogging journey and share your story. Being chronically really makes life uncertain with a lot of things and it’s good when at least ONE thing is there to distract from the pain and mental discomfort. Continue to shine and keep inspiring.

    Lots of Love & Gentle Hugs.

    From a younger spoonie, still trialling erroring my way through life Lol

    Laura 🌻❤

    • Jen Cannon

      You might be younger but we are all trail and erroring our way through life. Belive me, that doesn’t change when you get older. The issues just get different! Lol

      Thank you for your comment.

  • Sheryl

    Thanks for joining us this month Jen, it’s always really interesting to see how others with chronic illnesses are coping and what they’re up to in life! It’s amazing how different everyone’s prompt responses can be 🙂 I’m happy you enjoyed yourself, and my biggest hope is that you have fun here. Well done on your massive blog posts completion, and I hope your health continues to improve bit by bit!

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