Now that the action plan is set, it is time to get started! I like this different approach to the normal New Year resolution. It allows room for improvement for many facets of my life. #Goals #ActionPlan
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Making an Action Plan for 2019

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As 2019 gets started, I decided not to make a resolution for the year. For some reason it just seems that I never keep them. I decided instead to set the standard for my year. These are not really goals but it is more like an action plan.

Developing an Action Plan

I was thinking about making an action plan for the year when the monthly prompts from A Chronic Voice came out yesterday. These prompts were the perfect way to develop the plan for my year! I love it when something you are looking for just comes right when you need it.

If you are not familiar with the monthly prompt with A Chronic Voice, here is how it works. This is a link up party for bloggers with Chronic Illness. The amazing Sheryl at A Chronic Voice posts 5 prompts each month and you submit your posts to the link up. It is a great way to meet other Chronic Illness Warriors! To participate in the January Prompts, click HERE.

My Action Plan

1. Dedicating

This year I will be dedicating a lot of time and energy into finding land and building a house. This has become important over the past few months because our bedroom is upstairs and it isn’t safe for me. I have taken 2 tumbles down the stairs over the past couple of months. Of course, I am not alone in this as my husband and I will be working on this together!

2. Establishing

During the year I will be establishing an online Christian Store for my other blog, Redemptions Touch. This is an endeavor that I have wanted to do since my husband and I started the blog in October. We plan on starting with Christian T-Shirts and then expand to things like mugs and art prints.

3. Breaking

This one is harder as I have already broken most of my really bad habits. I stopped smoking 8 years ago, I can’t drink because of my medications and I can’t eat chocolate because they trigger migraines. So, when figuring out what to do for this one, I decided to start breaking away from social media. I obviously need social media for my blog but I also do a lot on social media that isn’t blog related. I have started this by turning off the notifications for all social media on my phone. This will help me to be less tempted to check my social media account as often.

4. Strengthening

This is a year that I want to focus on strengthening my body. The past 3 years, I have been mostly homebound. Due to my illness, it is necessary that I spend a lot of time in bed during Hemiplegic Migraine episodes. My body has paid the price for this and my physical strength is now diminished. It is not safe for me to take walks alone but I do want to start walking with my husband in the evenings. I think that the simple act of taking a walk will be a good way to start building my strength.

5. Allowing

I have gotten pretty good over the past few years at allowing myself to take breaks, rest and do self care if needed. So when deciding what to do for this one, I decided to look at things I need to do for my two blogs. I will allowing myself the time to take some classes to strengthen my knowledge about marketing the blogs. I find that I give myself time to write and promote but it seems like I cut myself short on the education end. Like any technology driven task, things are constantly changing and I need to make sure that I am doing everything I can to be successful.

Time to Get Started

Now that the action plan is set, it is time to get started! I like this different approach to the normal New Year resolution. It allows room for improvement for many facets of my life. I plan on doing updates on this through the year to let you know how I am doing with my action plan.

“If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time.”  ~ Zig Ziglar  #Quotes #ZigZiglar
Now that the action plan is set, it is time to get started! I like this different approach to the normal New Year resolution. It allows room for improvement for many facets of my life.  #Goals #ActionPlan

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  • Rhiann

    Lovely to see you again taking part in the link-up party. A big Happy New Year to you.

    I really loved how you used the prompts to create intentions for the year ahead. I think this month’s prompts are wonderful ones to be able to reflect on the previous year and also to reflect on the wishes for the year ahead.

    I wish you all the best with them, and I agree I think we could all do with switching off from social media once in a while!

    Rhiann x

  • Alison Hayes

    I love your action plan! I’m struggling to get myself back to regular walks – my new challenge is that cold air is now setting off coughing spasms and breathing issues for me! Saw the allergist and working on next steps for that. An evening stroll with your partner sounds like a great thing to do(as long as he wants to do it too!), and I wish you the best in managing your migraines – I started having serious migraines six or seven months ago, and am impressed at the havoc they can wreak!

    Take care and best of luck in carrying out your action plan!

  • Suzanne (FibroMomBlog)

    I am so excited for you on the building of the house news! I know it will be stressful but once it is done it will be exactly what you want.

    I’m glad that you pointed out how the simple act of going for a walk is not easy but is something that will help you get stronger. Sometimes people don’t realize how hard exercise is for chronically ill people. I’m really loving the “action plan” idea as well because action plans can be tweaked when needed as well. It gives you a goal and purpose, something to strive towards but also flexible when needed. I wish you the best of luck for 2019!

    • Jen Cannon

      I am so glad that you liked my post and found it helpful. Yes, the building of the house will be stressful but having a house that is exactly what I need will be amazing!

      Thank you for commenting!

  • Sheryl

    Thanks for joining us once again, and I’m so happy to hear that the prompts are useful in helping others to just do a short reflection and intention for the month 🙂 Love how you made an action plan out of this. I too turned off notifications on my phone last year and I must say it’s definitely a good move. The constant beepings can be stressful as it’s always at the edge of your brain! All the best with your goals!

  • k

    Hi, thanks for your post. I hope finding land and house works out for you guys! And that you can go on those evening walks with your husband.

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