10 Unique Things about Me - These are the unique things that make me who I am. We are all unique! #personality #Unique
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10 Unique Things About Me

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When Elizabeth at The Uncustomary Housewife tagged me in the 10 Unique Things About Me Challenge, I was not sure what I would write. I think myself a pretty boring and just “plain ol’ me” sort of person. But I decided to take the challenge anyway because I am sure there are at least 10 unique things about me…there has to be, right?

First off, what does unique mean? The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines uniques as, 1)being the only one; 2)being without a like or equal or 3)distinctively characteristic.  I am going to use the third definition because I think that is easier to obtain. So this list are things that are distinctively characteristic of who I am!

10 Unique Things About Me

  1. I have to put together a sandwich in a certain order. Bread, meat, ketchup (if applicable), lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, bread.  The most important part is that the mayonnaise and the tomato must touch! I like the way the mayo and the tomato taste together! Yes, my husband thinks this is crazy! Yes, if a restaurant doesn’t do it right, I will take apart the sandwich and put it back together!
  2. I will have a craving for a certain snack and I will eat it everyday until I am sick of it. Right now I am on a Skinny Pop kick, before that it was animal crackers. The craving can last a week or months and there is no rhyme or reason behind them.
  3. I am a chocoholic who can’t eat chocolate! Chocolate is one of my migraine triggers and I have not had chocolate in over 2 years. It was harder to stop eating chocolate then it was to quite smoking and I still crave chocolate every single day!
  4. When I am passionate about something everyone knows it! I get very animated about things that I love. Whether it be politics, sports, food or make up…if I love it, everyone around me knows about it!
  5. I love Documentaries! I really don’t care what the topic is, I just love to learn new things. My favorite topics is any war in history, British Royal history and Biblical Studies. I don’t just stop with watching a documentary, I also research after watching to find out if what I learned was accurate.
  6. I love Historical Fiction Novels but I do not like Historical Romance. Most people do not realize that there is a difference but there is! I want my Historical Fiction to be well researched and to take as little historical license as possible. The point is to learn something while I am entertained!
  7. I can’t go to the movie theater because it triggers my migraines. The super dark room with the huge screen of moving lights is not something that my brain enjoys at all!
  8. I live 15 minutes from the ocean and I have not seen it in 4 years! Going there is just a lot of work. Loading everything up, carrying it to the beach, loading it back up, dealing with traffic, unloading it again, cleaning up all the sand. UGH! It makes me tired just thinking about it.
  9. I have not driven in over 2 years. Once my migraines became daily, I stopped driving because my vision is impacted severely. I didn’t feel safe behind the wheel.
  10. I have to schedule even the most mundane things. Because I don’t feel safe doing some things when no one is home so I have to wait until my husband is here to do them. The biggest one is bathing because I have had episodes while doing so. Bathing also seems to take all of my energy so I often need assistance afterward.

So, there you have 10 unusual things about me. It was pretty easy until I hit #7 and then I felt stuck. I like this challenge because it made me think of the things that make me who I am in a deeper way. So, maybe I am not quite so “little ol’ me” after all!

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I think this challenge is great because it celebrates our differences rather than our similarities. We all have unique qualities that set us apart from others and that is a great thing.

I do want to take a moment to thank Elizabeth for tagging me in her 10 Unique Things About Me post.  Her Blog, Uncustomary Housewife is one of my favorites to read, so please go check her out.  Also, please take a moment and visit the blogs of the people I have tagged. In keeping with the unique theme of this blog, I have put a lot of variety into my choices. I think you will enjoy all of them!

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10 Unique Things about Me - These are the unique things that make me who I am. We are all unique! #personality #Unique

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  • Sophia Ismaa

    Great post! Mayonnaise and tomato combination sounds interesting, two delicious things combined together… I have to try that out.
    Completely agree that there’s a difference between historical fiction and historical romance. I do find that historical romance is more along the line of a romance that just happens to take place decades/centuries ago. As historical fiction lovers, we have chosen history to learn too!

  • Mackenzie Glanville

    oh hun your migraines sound just awful, sending your wishes that they ease somehow! I would love to be 15 minutes from the beach, maybe we should house swap! I have a friend who can not deal with the sand either, it does get everywhere, but the sound of the ocean for me is worth it. I am calmer near any water source. Thank you for being part of #Ablogginggoodtime

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